In All Seasons

Acrylic Painting, Commissioned Canvas Art, Birch Bay, WA, Brenda Calvert

I find it fascinating how there are certain scenes that don't differentiate the season that it's in.   My daughter, 12, explained how it looked so sunny from her window, but was surprised that it was cold when she walked outside.   It's deceiving, isn't it?  This seascape scene above, could be from any time of year. 

It reminds me of how even though there are rough (cold) times in our lives, God always has little pops of joy for us if we look for them.  Beautiful reminders that he loves us, that is will provide, that he is in control despite the cold weather.  He is always there, never leaving us nor forsaking us.   I hope you take time to look at the beauty around you as a reminder of his love for you.

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