New Hashtag Started to help us think of peaceful times!

I started a new hashtag on Instagram this week called, #PeacefulMomentsInTime !  Several have started to use it already and I pray that the community of Memory makers will continue to grow!  

Let me tell you the thought behind this saying.  In each of my paintings I try to convey a sense of peace to the viewer.  When they look into the painting that they might be touched with a memory here and there.  Flowers, fields, barns, water, mountains, all bring us to a time and place in our minds.  Its just different for all of us.  What items bring back memories for you?  It could be an old Ball Canning jar that your grandmother used for canning! It could be marigolds that your mother used to grow in her garden.  Its the simple things and I want to celebrate that!  

I hope you join the community of memory makers over on Instagram.  Use the hashtag #PeacefulMomentsInTime on your peaceful posts!  I will feature ones in my stories on every Tuesday!


Much Love to you!



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  • Hi, that is exactly what a front porch is, very peaceful. That is perfect for your painting because that is exactly what it conveys. Love your artwork Thank you🌸


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