Commissioned Art, Custom Painting

Custom Paintings are the perfect way
to get exactly want you want!    
 I love to paint nature, animals, houses, landscapes, seascapes, barns, churches etc.  But, most of all I want it to be of a peaceful memory you have!  Nothing makes me more happy than to create that moment in time that you can get lost in every time you look at the painting!

When you reserve a commissioned time slot, you are receiving one on one attention from me. You will work with me to make sure your masterpiece is just like you want it!  If you are on Instagram, I show my painting progress in my stories, if you are not on Instagram, I show you progress pictures in your email.


All paintings will be on a 1.5 inch thick canvas and painted in acrylic Paint! The price includes a sealer finish to protect your investment. This Original will be shipped to you and it is signed and stamped on the back!  This is ready to hang as is with a wire hanger on the back. The sides will be painted so no frame necessary, but adding a frame is an option for you! 


 Exclusivity:  The Paintings that I create especially for my clients are not going to be reproduced.  They will be one of a kind and truely unique.   The artwork will be only yours and I relinquish my right to reproduce the work for profit (I will still share the piece on social media as may you!]  Creating a one of a kind Acrylic Painting is a complete joy for me and an honor to create for you!

Pricing and sizes:

  • 11x14:  $275
  • 14x18:  $375
  • 12x24:  $425
  • 16x20:  $475
  • 18x24:  $600
  • 24x24:  $800
  • 24x36:  $1000
  • 30x30:  $1100
  • 36x48:  $1750
  • 40x60:  $2400
  • 46x72:  $3000
  • Other sizes available, message me to discuss further!  I do not paint commissioned paintings smaller than 11x14/12x12

Ready to Book?

  • All I need is a photograph to go off of.
  • A $100.00 Deposit saves your spot in my schedule!
  •  Please contact me to chat about your custom painting! Id love to see your photo and get a feel for what you would like! I look forward to working with you!  The whole experience is a lot of fun, I promise!
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Much Love,

Brenda Calvert Art

Commission Testimonies: 



The experience my husband and I had with Brenda Calvert was amazing. Her work is phenomenal, and her attention to all the details in our painting are beautiful. She was excellent in her communication, and kept us informed of her progress. We asked her to paint the view of the mountains and bison on our farm. She agreed to come out and capture the view we admire. Brenda did a fantastic job, and we are very pleased with her work. 
Thank you so much, Brenda!!


Amazing Talent!


I ran across a post of Brenda's last fall and decided i wanted to have a painting of my Son and Daughter-in-Love house done for her birthday. Brenda took the time to send me daily updates on the progress of the piece and was able to capture the beauty of their home right down to the flag flying in the wind. I asked her to add their cat and i was amazed at how she added him to the steps. When the painting arrived i couldn't wait and had to give it to her immediately. Now im having her paint our home and i know it will be a piece that i will treasure forever. Brenda is so easy to work with and has such a sweet spirit!!! Thank you Brenda for sharing your talent with us. Sherry 


Bible from Grandma

Jackie Lindsey on Apr 19, 2019

I was so amazed how Brenda took a shot from my vignette on IG and painted it from her heart as it was a shot of a Bible from my late grandmother who gave it to me almost 40 yrs ago - it was opened and she even wrote the words my grandmother wrote in the Bible for me!! It truly was like looking at a mirror image from my IG photo!! Now I get to see it everyday beside my bed!! 
Thank you for your amazing kindness and beautiful heart, Brenda!

Young Love

Brooke Foltz

I ran an idea past Brenda and she agreed to my request. I had a photo of our daughter's proposal caught on film and asked her to paint the picture as a Christmas gift to them. She captured every detail on the photo so realistically and the resemblance was amazing. She kept me up to date with posts of the painting in the various stages. I am so pleased with the way the painting turned out and they absolutely loved it. Brenda is amazingly talented and such a joy to work with. 💛

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Custom Home Painting 

Tammy on Apr 19, 2019

I cannot say enough wonderful things about Brenda and her beautiful art. Her painting of our forever home is one of my most treasured gifts. I like to imagine that after we are no longer on this earth, that my children will cherish this incredible piece of their history. Thank you Brenda for capturing our home so beautifully,.. you are amazingly talented my friend! 


Perfect Anniversary Gift


My husband, his father and his grandfather all served in the Navy, so it was such an honor for us to have the opportunity to get married at St. Peter’s Chapel on Mare Island Naval Base (now a historic landmark). I contacted Brenda to paint the chapel for my husband for our 15th Anniversary. WOW! I mean it, she did a breathtaking job. I was so excited to give such a beautiful work of art to my husband and I am so proud to have it displayed now in our home. This painting means so much to both of us. Brenda is AMAZINGLY talented! 


Brenda is phenomenal!

Katie on Apr 18, 2019

Brenda painted the most stunning, detailed request for me to have a lake, dock, fall trees and leaves, and morning fog. She took my dream and vision and brought it to life far better than I had ever schemed it up in my mind. Brenda was not only patient, she was prompt both in her response and her work. Her turnaround was incredible. I loved that she messaged me along the process, showing progress each day. The painting she did for me is a treasure I’ll now have for life, reminding me of the lakes “Up North” near our cottage in the fall. Brenda was, no doubt, “the one” to go to for commissioned work. She’s truly exceptional and her talent, personality, and care to detail made working with her even more incredible. Thank you, Brenda!


Custom dog painting


Brenda made the most amazing painting of my dog after he died. I sent her a pic of him on the couch with a terrible background, and she managed to paint him so realistically in front of his favorite lilac bush. I got updates along the way and can't imagine it looking any better. Her husband also made a nice wood frame to match. I will cherish this painting forever!💜